We’re proud to have a ‘can do’ culture and winning attitude, which adds value at every turn and drives our continued success.

Aventus may have an extensive property portfolio, but we know our number one asset is our people. Culture is vital to our success and we work hard to create the best possible experience for shoppers, expand and strengthen relationships with tenants and maintain integrity and trust with investors.

We are proud of our work and focus on small improvements across all areas of our business, every day. Just as our teams are masters at adding value to the fund through active asset management, we also have a passion for adding value to our own and each other’s experience at work.

We acknowledge our people, nurture their talent, and grow their knowledge. We encourage everyone to be inquisitive, as we inspire people to experience the joy of creating a beautiful home and lifestyle.

Darren Holland – CEO and Managing Director

Aventus is built on a strong foundation of teamwork, community, integrity and respect. As we continue to grow and succeed, our culture will remain at the core of who we are, reflected in each action taken and each decision made. Our culture has always set us apart, and always will.

The Aventus Way

Our core values define who we are and guide how we work with investors, tenants, communities, and each other.
Own it
We are proactive, hands on and visible, taking ownership of everything we do. We stay proud yet humble, and are always accountable.
Do it now
We act with urgency and without fuss. Our team hits the ground running, working with speed and accuracy to get the job done.
We have the passion, energy and stamina to make a difference. We give 100 per cent and always look for ways to achieve more.
We achieve our aspirational goals by paying attention to every detail, ensuring every task is completed with diligence and unwavering focus.
Find a better way
Continuous improvement is in our DNA. We always ask questions and look for ways to improve, and we never give up.
Got your back
Teamwork is integral to everything we do. We are always willing to pitch in and help others, support each other and tell it like it is.


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